Buddhist Temple, Kande Viharaya

Distance from White Villa – 04 kilometers
Location – Kaluwamodara Aluthgama . Transport –Rs: 500
The Kande Viharaya temple has a long history, dating back to 1734 and continues to this day to be an important link in the Buddhist cultural and religious activities of Sri Lanka. Observe devotees dressed in white as they flock the temple grounds daily.

Brief Garden

Distance from White Villa – 10 kilometers
Location – Kalawila. Transport Rs: 1000

Developed over a period of fifteen years by Bevis Bawa, a well known Sri Lankan artist, and the elder brother of famed architect, Geoffrey Bawa, the garden is aesthetically laid out on five acres of land and is noted for its lush vegetation. The wide variety of tropical trees, plants and sculptures that dot the garden is a true representation of all the energies that Bevis put into Brief. Bevis Bawa passed away in 1992 but the Brief garden continues to be maintained in just the way it was envisioned to be. Well worth the trip if you are a nature lover.

Dutch Fort

Distance from White Villa – 56 kilometers
Location – Galle Transport Rs: 4000

Located in the coastal town of Galle, this ancient Dutch Fort has now been declared a ‘World Heritage’ site. After the capture of the town of Galle from the Portuguese in 1640, the Dutch East India Co. (VOC) began constructing fortifications that covered approximately eighty- seven acres of land. Interesting sites within the ramparts of the fort include the original gateway, traditional Dutch buildings, the light house, the first maritime museum of Sri Lanka and a Dutch church built in 1752. A day trip to the Galle Dutch Fort is an experience in itself and well worth the time.